We ensure that the process, engineering and food industries have the right temperature throughout the manufacturing process and good working climate.

Effective organization for both preventive maintenance to emergency service minimizes the risk that your business will suffer from unforeseen disruptions and downtime.


Unbroken cold chain, selling refrigeration appliances and energy recovery are key to how we work with cold storage. We offer everything from complete refrigeration rooms for refrigerators and freezers with effective merchandising. With heat recovery, operating efficiency and regular maintenance, we keep energy consumption and environmental impact to a minimum and ensures that your food is always at the correct temperature.

Restaurants and caterers can get most of the time needed for food from us. We sell, install and service furnaces, stoves, steam tables, water baths, dishwashers, refrigerators and freezers, refrigerated counters, refrigeration rooms and bars.


The right climate and functional galley for ships and offshore platforms around the world is a big theme for us.

For cargo ships, ferries, cruise ships and offshore industry, we provide comfort cooling for passengers and crew, cold stores for refrigerators and freezers as well as restaurants and bars.

We are agents for Metos Marine, one of the world's leading manufacturer of galley equipment for ships and offshore. This means that we also build complete bars, restaurants, canteens and catering facilities - both standard and customized.

Our commitment in marine refrigeration covers the whole chain from design, installation and commissioning, preventative maintenance and emergency service, regardless of where your facilities are located.


We provide comfortable efficient environment for people and machines in office buildings and residential properties, hotels and conference centers, shopping malls and public (space/areas). High efficiency air conditioners, advanced heat recovery and systematic operating efficiency, ensures you a low power consumption and minimal environmental impact.


How much could you reduce your costs for cooling, heating and ventilation? Maybe a heat pump is the right solution for you or do you want to do a complete review of the system from an energy perspective?

We have extensive experience in energy-efficient ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration systems through operating efficiency. Collection of operating data gives us the facts about your facility and show where the worst energy thieves are. With our experience, we can then usually reduce your energy consumption simply by balancing your current installation - while increasing comfort.

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